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Criminal Lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi Explains Arson of a Church or Place of Worship

Mississippi law deals severely with persons who are charged with arson of a church or house of worship.  The Mississippi first-degree arson statutes contain a section that deals specifically with setting fire to a church.

The basic elements of church arson in Mississippi are similar to those for arson of a house or dwelling.  Specifically, in order to prove the charge of arson of a church, the State must show: (1) that the defendant willfully and maliciously, (2) set fire to, or burned, or caused to be burned, or was a party to destruction by explosion from combustible material, (3) a church or other place of worship.  Mississippi arson law also provides that a person may be charged and convicted under the arson statute if he aids, counsels or procures the burning of a church or place of worship.

In addition to the above, under Mississippi arson law, a person can be found guilty of arson of a church regardless of whether the church was in use or vacant.

A person charged with arson of a church in Mississippi faces a potential sentence of five (5) to thirty (30) years in prison, and restitution for any property damaged as a result of the arson.  It is noteworthy that this maximum sentence exceeds the maximum sentence for arson of a dwelling by ten (10) years.

Of all crimes in Mississippi, arson is perhaps the most defensible.  Arson is the type of crime that usually has no witnesses, the case is entirely circumstantial, most physical evidence is destroyed by fire, and arson investigators frequently disagree with one another as to the cause and origin of a fire.  The nature of this crime provides a defense on every front for someone charged with arson in Mississippi.

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Jackson, Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains Felony Possession of Marijuana

Possession of marijuana is illegal under Mississippi law.  Whether or not possession of marijuana is a felony under Mississippi law depends upon how much marijuana was in the person’s possession at the time they were arrested.

Marijuana is weighed by the gram.  If the amount of marijuana is thirty (30) grams or less, then the charge of possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor in Mississippi.  If the amount of marijuana is more than thirty (30) grams, then the person will be charged with possession of marijuana as a felony in Mississippi.

Mississippi law states that the potential penalty for a charge of possession of marijuana also depends upon the weight of the marijuana.  The weights and potential sentences are as follows:

More than 30 grams, but less than 250 grams:  three (3) years in prison and a $3,000.00 fine;

250 grams, but less than 500 grams: two (2) years to eight (8) years in prison and a $50,000.00 fine;

500 grams, but less than 1 kilogram: four (4) to sixteen (16) years in prison and a $250,000.00 fine;

1 kilogram, but less than 5 kilograms: six (6) to twenty-four (24) years in prison and a $500,000.00 fine;

5 kilograms or more: ten (10) to thirty (30) years in prison and a $1,000,000.00 fine.

If you’ve been charged with possession of marijuana in Mississippi, you need an experienced criminal lawyer to protect your interests.  Possession of marijuana carries stiff penalties under Mississippi law.  If you’ve been charged with possession, please call criminal defense lawyer Curt Crowley at 601.944.1984 for a free case evaluation.  You may also visit our Mississippi criminal defense website for more information.