Jackson, Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Cyberstalking

If you are charged with cyberstalking in Mississippi, you need a lawyer.  Why?  Keep reading and you will understand.

Cyberstalking is illegal in Mississippi.  A person can be charged with cyberstalking if he or she:

(a) uses email or other electronic communication which threatens to inflict bodily harm to another person, or to another person’s family, or to damage another person’s property, for the purpose of extortion;

(b) repeatedly uses email to communicate with another person to threaten, terrify or harass that person;

(c) emails another person to make a false statement concerning death, injury, illness, indecent conduct or criminal conduct of the person emailed or of that person’s family, with the intent to threaten, terrify or harass; and

(d) knowingly allows an electronic device to be used by another person to do any of the above.

See Miss. Code. Ann. Section 97-45-15.

Cyberstalking in Mississippi carries a potential sentence of two (2) years in prison and a $5,000.00 fine.  That sentence increases to five (5) years and a $10,000.00 fine if the crime was committed (a) while there was a restraining order in place, (b) where the crime was committed in violation of a condition of release on bond, probation or parole, (c) where the crime results in a “credible threat” being communicated to the victim or the victim’s family, or (d) where the defendant has been previously convicted of cyberstalking in Mississippi, any other state, or under federal law.

Mississippi cyberstalking law is so broad that it seems difficult to draw a hard line between what is acceptable communications, and what is illegal as cyberstalking.  The statute raises questions such as:  How many emails is enough to be “repeated?”  Was the defendant’s intent to harass?  Was the communication within the message false?  And many others.

If you are charged with cyberstalking in Mississippi, it’s a felony.  You need a criminal lawyer who will fight hard to beat your cyberstalking charge.  Curt Crowley is a criminal lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi.  Curt and his criminal defense team are here to help, and you are invited to call him at 601.944.1984 for a free case evaluation.  You can also visit his Jackson MS criminal lawyer website for more information.


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