Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer: Aggravated Assault Charges Dismissed

We are pleased to announce that aggravated assault charges have been dismissed against one of our clients.  The charges were pending in Madison County, Mississippi.

Our client, DV, was charged with aggravated assault in Madison County, which occurred in Ridgeland, Mississippi.  She was accused of stabbing the alleged victim.  DV hired me as her lawyer immediately after she was arrested.

Bond was initially set so high that DV could not get out of jail.  The first order of business was to get a bond reduction.  Within one (1) week of hiring me, I got her bond reduced by 80%, and she bonded out of jail and went home to her family.

As soon as DV made bail, we went to work on the defense investigation of the case.  DV said she acted in self-defense.  We located a witness who saw everything that happened.  This witness was never interviewed by the police.  We convinced the witness to give us a recorded statement.  The statement backed up DV’s claim of self-defense.

As a lawyer who handles aggravated assault cases in Mississippi, I knew that self-defense would be a defense to this charge, so we next began to look into the character and background of the victim.  Our investigation revealed that the victim had criminal convictions for false pretenses in Hinds County, and was currently on probation.  We also discovered that the victim had an active warrant for her arrest.  This information was very relevant to the victim’s credibility as a witness.  This information was disclosed to the prosecutor as required by Mississippi criminal discovery rules.

Trial was set to begin on Tuesday of last week.  The day before trial, the prosecutor notified me that the State had agreed to dismiss the aggravated assault charges against DV.  This was certainly the best result possible, and the prosecutor should be commended for disposing of this case prior to trial.  

As a criminal defense attorney, the most rewarding part of my job is to call a client and tell them that criminal charges have been dismissed.  It was even more rewarding in this case because there was never a doubt in my mind that the client was innocent of these charges.  I also had no doubt that the “victim” would have killed the client had she not defended herself.  It was a clear case of self-defense under Mississippi aggravated assault law, and it was our privilege to protect DV and keep her out of prison.  And now that the charges have been dismissed, we can even get the charge expunged from her record.

This aggravated assault case shows some things you need to know if you are charged with assault in Mississippi:

(1) Just because you get arrested, charged or indicted for assault, it does not always mean you will be convicted;

(2) If you get charged with assault in Mississippi and think it was self-defense, it probably was;

(3) If you are charged with assault in Mississippi you need a criminal lawyer who handles assault cases–and has the knowledge and experience to protect your rights and keep you out of prison;

(4) If you get charged with assault in Mississippi, you need a lawyer who knows how to investigate and prepare assault cases before trial.  Do not assume that the police have interviewed all the witnesses or found all the facts and evidence in your case.  This is the job of a criminal defense lawyer, and can be the difference between going home, or going to prison.

I’m a Mississippi criminal defense lawyer who handles assault cases.  If you have been charged with assault in Mississippi, please contact me at 601.944.1984 to discuss your case.  While I can’t guarantee the same result we got for DV, you can rest assured that we will do everything under the sun, leaving no rock unturned, to get your assault charges dismissed.

Curt Crowley is a Mississippi criminal defense lawyer and is based in Jackson, Mississippi.  He handles assault and other criminal cases in Madison County, Ridgeland, Canton, Madison, Flora and throughout the State of Mississippi.


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