Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer Tells What You Need to Know if Arrested for Burglary of a Church

Burglary of a church is a serious felony crime in Mississippi.  Mississippi criminal law states that “any person who shall be convicted of breaking and entering a church, synagogue, temple or other established place of worship with intent to commit some crime therein shall be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary not more than fourteen (14) years.”

Note that the potential sentence for church burglary is twice the maximum sentence for business burglary.  This fact alone should tell you how seriously Mississippi takes church burglary.

Burglary of a church is one of those crimes that makes judges’ and juries’ blood boil.  For this reason, the accused must win at trial.  While the accused is not required to prove his innocence, church burglary is the type of crime where the jury is likely going to be prejudiced against the accused from the start.  The only way to overcome this prejudice and beat this charge is to prove that you are innocent.

How do you do this?  You must hire an experienced Mississippi criminal defense lawyer as soon as you get arrested.  An exhaustive defense investigation will likely be necessary in order to uncover facts that will convince the jury you are not guilty of church burglary.

If you are arrested for burglary of a church, you need a criminal lawyer who is devoted to defending the rights of people accused of crimes in Mississippi.  If you have been arrested, please call me at 601.944.1984 to discuss your case.  We can help you, and there is never a charge for an initial consultation.


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