Matt Steffey, Expert on Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Jury Trials, and now….Crime Prevention

I have previously posted regarding the media’s use of self-proclaimed legal expert Matt Steffey to give commentary on Mississippi legal criminal issues.  Most of this criticism has focused on the fact that (1) Steffey is not a Mississippi lawyer; (2) he appears to have never tried a jury trial in his life; and (3) he is just generally unqualified to opine on any topic relating to Mississippi law.

Steffey has now boldly expanded his area of expertise into crime prevention and law enforcement.  I kid you not.  WLBT‘s Howard Ballou trots Steffey out to babble about what to do if you suspect criminal activity.  I really shouldn’t be surprised though.  Steffey offers his opinion on legal issues while having almost no legal experience, so I guess it’s a short leap for him to mouth off about law enforcement and crime prevention, despite having no law enforcement experience.

Why would WLBT ask Steffey for his “expert” opinion on this issue?  Shouldn’t that opinion be offered by a law enforcement officer?  Since it’s a Jackson story, I might suggest contacting JPD or Hinds SO for comment.  

And Howard, come on man.  You are one of the most trusted newsmen Jackson has ever known.  You can do better than this.

Curt Crowley, Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer


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