Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses The Importance Of The Defense Investigation

As a Mississippi criminal defense lawyer, my philosophy in defending criminal cases is that the case is won (or lost) during the defense investigation phase of the case. 

While all aspects of a criminal case are important, the defense investigation phase is the most critical.  This is where facts are discovered which will destroy the government’s case, and/or greatly strengthen the defense case.  These facts are seldom “discovered” by the police in the initial investigation, and must be developed by the defense.  The defense investigation, quite frankly, must be better and more thorough than the investigation performed by the police.

The sad part is that this critical phase is often overlooked by many criminal defense lawyers in Mississippi.  Even those who recognize the importance of the defense investigation rely too heavily on non-lawyer private investigators to “handle” this part of the case.  While certainly there are complex cases that may require the assistance of outside investigators, there is no substitute for having a criminal defense lawyer who has the education, training and experience to conduct the investigation himself.   

DUI is a good example of the type of case that your lawyer should be able to investigate without assistance from private investigators.  Some lawyers hire former cops to “investigate” what happened during a DUI arrest, and then explain to the lawyer what errors the officer made.  If a lawyer has to have an outside investigator or “consultant” to help him figure out what happened and how the officer screwed up, then he probably doesn’t need to be handling Mississippi DUI cases in the first place.  The procedures for probable cause/traffic stops, administration of the portable breath test, giving field sobriety tests, administering the Intoxilyzer 8000, etc., are all things a DUI defense lawyer should know by heart, without having to make the client pay for a consultant to explain things to the lawyer.

While defending criminal cases in Mississippi, my team and I pride ourselves on our ability to conduct thorough defense investigations that place our clients in a position to win.  As a former Deputy Sheriff, I have had the opportunity to be trained by some of the finest criminal investigators and forensic criminalists in the nation.  I put this training and experience to work in every case.  Our clients deserve no less.  

If you have been arrested for DUI or any other criminal offense in Mississippi, please call me to discuss your case, or visit my website for more information.


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