With Apologies to Al Franken, Professor Matt Steffey is a Big Fat Idiot

Unqualified non-lawyer legal “expert” Professor Matt Steffey shows his stupidity once again in an article in The Clarion-Ledger. This time, he offers his opinion on former Circuit Judge Bobby Delaughter’s employment prospects.

Judge Delaughter, who pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI, was scheduled to report to prison today to begin serving an 18 month sentence. According to the article, Steffey offered the following asinine prediction regarding what Delaughter would do for a living after he was released:

Steffey said he foresees DeLaughter working for a law firm as a jury consultant, strategist, arbitrator, mediator or the like.

This one sentence demonstrates that Steffey knows absolutely nothing of the practice of law in Mississippi (or perhaps anywhere).  Even if Delaughter is able to serve as a mediator or arbitrator without a license to practice law, there is no Court or party that will ever use him for this purpose.  Furthermore, no litigant is going to hire him as a jury consultant or strategist due to his felony conviction, and due to the fact that ethical rules may prohibit a law firm from utilizing him in these capacities.  The fact that Steffey thinks this is a possibility shows that he is utterly clueless.

And shame on The Clarion-Ledger for continuing to tout this fool as a legal “expert.”

Curt Crowley, www.thecrowleylawfirm.com


2 responses to “With Apologies to Al Franken, Professor Matt Steffey is a Big Fat Idiot

  1. It would appear that someone who would make such accusations would actually do some research. All of the following information is publicly available to anyone.

    Matthew Steffey

    Professor of Law


    * Columbia University School of Law, New York, NY, LL.M., 1990
    * Florida State University College of Law, Tallahassee, FL, J.D., 1987
    * University of South Florida, Tampa Bay, FL, 1984

    Professional Experience:

    * Carlton, Fields
    Tampa, Florida, 1987-1989
    * Constitutional Law, Evidence, Criminal Law, Admiralty, Supreme Court Roleplaying, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law Seminar, Externship Program, Appellate Advocacy, and First Amendment.
    o Subcommittee on the Rules of Evidence
    o Subcommittee on the Rules of Appellate Procedure
    o Subcommittee on the Uniform Circuit and County Court Rules
    o Subcommittee on the Uniform Chancery Court Rules.
    * Reporter, Mississippi Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Rules (since 1991)
    * Reporter, Mississippi Supreme Court Uniform Criminal Rules Study Committee (since 2005)
    * Reporter, Mississippi Judicial Advisory Study Committee, Subcommittee on Criminal Code reform (Since 1994.
    * Reporter, Mississippi Bar Commission on the Courts in the 21st Century (December 1992 to July 1993)


    * Foreword, Criminal Law Symposium, 19 MISS. C. L. REV 1 (issue 2) (1999).
    * Constitutional Fidelity, 19 MISS. C. L. REV. 43 (1998).
    * Foreword: A Hard Case and an Intractable Problem, 18 MISS. C. L. REV. 1 (1997).
    * The Establishment Clause and the Lessons of Context, 26 RUTGERS L.J. 775 (1995).
    * Negligence, Contract, and Architects’ Liability for Economic Loss, 82 KY. L.J. 659 (1993).
    * Foreword: Religious Participation in Public Debate, 14 MISS. C. L. REV. 1 (1993).
    * Meeting Judicial Needs: An Intermediate Appellate Court for Mississippi, PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION SURVEY, V. 40, NO. 3 (Spring 1993) (with John D. Winkle III and Amy D. Whitten).
    * Redefining the Modern Constraints of the Establishment Clause: Separable Principles of Equality, Subsidy, Endorsement, and Church Autonomy, 75 MARQ. L. REV. 903 (1992).
    * A Report on CUNY’s Experiment in Humanistic Legal Education: Adrift toward Mainstream, 59 UMKC L. REV. 155 (1991) (with Paulette Wunsch).
    * Florida’s Economic Loss Rule: A Critical Look at the Cases, 64 FLA. B.J. 19 (May 1990).
    * Manufacturers’ or Marketers’ Liability for the Criminal Use of Saturday Night Specials: A New Common Law Approach–Kelley v. R.G. Industries, 497 A.2d 1143 (Md. 1985), 14 FLA. ST. U.L. REV. 151 (1986) (student note).
    * MISSISSIPPI RULES ANNOTATED (The Mississippi Bar, 2002, 2000, 1998 and 1996) (Historical Notes and Annotations for the Mississippi Rules of Appellate Procedure).
    * REPORT OF THE COMMISSION ON THE COURTS IN THE 21ST CENTURY (Editor) (The Mississippi Bar, July 1, 1993) (a summary of this report appeared in the June/July 1993 issue of The Mississippi Lawyer) (republished at 14 MISS. C. L. REV. 511 (1994)).


    * Supreme Court Review / Preview; Mississippi Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Appellate Court Judges and Attorneys, May 2003-May 2008.
    * “Has the Electoral College Outlived its Usefulness,” Southeastern Association of Law Schools Conference, July 2003.
    * Moderator, New Scholars Workshop, Southeastern Assocaition of Law Schools Conference, July 2006.

    Memberships & Admissions:

    * Florida Bar
    * American Bar Association

    • Thank you so much for posting Professor EmptySuit’s resume. You have successfully proven that Steffey (1) does not have a license to practice law in Mississippi, and is thus a nonlawyer; (2) has never handled a criminal case in his life; and (3) has never tried a jury trial in his life. Of course, it is for these reasons that we deem him “unqualified.” And you just proved us correct.

      Oh and I love the part about “supreme court roleplaying” That’s a qualification? Roleplaying? Seriously? He actually puts this on his CV? What a joke.

      Tell Steffey to handle a criminal case before he starts slapping his jaws together with his bullshit opinions.

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