Jackson, Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer Announces New DUI Hotspot

As part of my continuing commitment to keep people safe and out of jail, I want to inform you of a DUI Hotspot in the Jackson-Metro area.

In the past few months, I have noticed an inordinate amount of people being arrested for DUI while leaving Shuckers in Ridgeland.  All these folks were arrested by the same officer, and were stopped near the same area.  Further, the stop times were within a short window of time (midnight to 2am).  Obviously, this pattern shows that this officer is setting up near the exit to Shuckers and looking for people to stop when they leave.  This should cause great concern to anyone who is planning to go to any of the bars in that part of town.  I urge you to keep this in mind before going out that way to party.

And just so we’re clear, I’m not saying to stay away from Shuckers.  I’ve been there several times myself and have always had fun.  The beer is cold, the food is great, and it’s a good atmosphere.  If you’re looking for a good time, I would recommend that you go there.  All I’m saying in this post is that if you do go to Shuckers (or another bar in that area), either (1) take a designated driver; or (2) call a cab.  There is always security at the door, and I’m sure they would be happy to call you a cab if you simply ask.

So go out and have fun, just don’t drive home.  Stay safe, and out of jail.  But if you do get arrested, call me at 601.944.1984 to discuss your case.


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