Jackson, Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer Reports On The Government’s Big Win In Memorial Day Massacre Case

I’m a criminal defense lawyer, and this is a criminal defense blog.  Obviously, we’re always on the opposite side from prosecutors.  However, I do think it’s appropriate to recognize prosecutors who score big victories in major cases.  The Hinds County District Attorney’s Office scored such a win with the murder conviction of Joe Bennett.

Joe Bennett was convicted of murder in the Circuit Court of Hinds County, Mississippi.  Bennett was the trigger-man in the so-called “Memorial Day Massacre” of 2008.  Bennett opened fire upon a crowd that had gathered in celebration Memorial Day last year.  Because of the heinous nature of the crime, the case received widespread media attention.

Immediately following the verdict, Judge Swan Yerger sentenced Bennett to life in prison, plus 99 years.

Assistant District Attorneys Shaun Yurtkuran and Patrick Beasley represented the Government at trial.  Congratulations to District Attorney Robert Smith and his assistants on this major victory.

Jackson, Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer Curt Crowley


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