Mississippi Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses The Deadly Taser

After several cases of suspects mysteriously dying after being shot with Tasers, the manufacturer of this deadly device still will not admit that its product had anything to do with the deaths.

Now, world-renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden is calling BS on Taser’s claims.  Dr. Baden has opined that several deaths were proximately caused by being shot with the Taser. 

According to this article by Jerry Mitchell, 351 people have died after being shot by Tasers.  Despite these deaths, Taser claims the 50,000 volts that were sent surging through the victims’ bodies had nothing to do with the deaths.  Taser continues to claim that the persons who died were under the influence of cocaine or other stimulants, and actually died of a condition called “excited delirium.”  This condition is described as a state of “extreme excitement and agitation, hostility and exceptional strength, along with a life-threatening rise in body temperature.”

The problem with Taser’s argument is that “excited delirium” is not a real disease or medical condition.  In fact, it’s pure garbage.  According to Dr. Baden, excited delirium has never been accepted as a diagnosis by the medical community.  More pointedly, Dr. Baden stated that it “is a diagnosis that remains limited to deaths in official custody.” 

In other words, “excited delirium” is what happens when someone is in custody and “mysteriously” dies.  It is the explanation when there is no explanation.   

Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, Taser continues to blame the deaths on this bogus diagnosis, and almost always makes the claim that the victim had cocaine or other stimulants in his system.  The problem with the obligatory drug reference is that it does not explain why police officers who were shot with Tasers in training had heart attacks.  Does Taser think those officers did an 8-ball before going to class that day?

The fact is, the Taser is a dangerous, and deadly, weapon.  But don’t expect Taser International to admit that any time soon.  They make too much money selling Tasers to unsuspecting police departments.  If they ever admit that the Taser is a lethal weapon, less and less law enforcement agencies will use the product.  Taser’s greed will not allow it to ever admit what is clearly evident.

Thankfully, we’ve got people like Dr. Baden who are willing to come forward and tell the truth about Taser-related deaths.  If you’ve been a victim of Taser-abuse, please contact me at 601.944.1984 to discuss your remedies.  As always, please feel free to visit www.thecrowleylawfirm.com for additional information.


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