Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer Explores Alleged Gang Rape at Co-Lin

Here’s something we (thankfully) don’t see very much in Mississippi.  An alleged “gang rape” is reported to have occurred on the campus of Copiah-Lincoln Community College in Wesson, Mississippi.  Four suspects have already been arrested.

According to this article in The Clarion-Ledger,

Investigators are looking at the possibility of more arrests in the alleged gang rape of a female student at Copiah-Lincoln Community College, this after a fourth suspect was arrested Monday.

Campus police charged Co-Lin student Damonte Glover with rape, college spokeswoman Natalie Davis said. Glover’s age and hometown were not available.

Police last week charged Antonio Davis, 18, and Tim Graves, 18, with rape, and Justin Sandifer, 19, with sodomy. Their bonds were set at $25,000 each. They were still being held at the Copiah County Jail on Monday night.

They are accused of participating in the gang rape of the female student Oct. 6 at Ellzey Hall, a male dormitory at the Wesson campus.

Natalie Davis said the accuser first notified a dorm supervisor at Stevens Hall, a female dormitory, moments after the alleged rape. Campus police were then called.

Details of what led to the rape were not available.

“At this point, the case is still under investigation, and police are not releasing a lot of information because they do not want to jeopardize the investigation,” Natalie Davis said.

Sandifer and Graves are also students at the college, she said. Antonio Davis is not.

Glover, Graves and Sandifer have been suspended.

“There will be an on-campus judicial proceeding that will take place, but that is pending the outcome of the (criminal) investigation,” Natalie Davis said.

Copiah County Sheriff Harold Jones last week said authorities had at least five suspects, including the four who have been arrested.

Natalie Davis said the campus has about 30 surveillance cameras that operate 24 hours. She said it’s possible the suspects were captured on video.

“I am sure our campus police are reviewing the surveillance, but what impact the tapes will have on the case, I don’t know,” she said

These allegations are shocking, to say the least.  Hopefully, there will be a thorough investigation to determine whether the victim’s claims are true.  Sex crimes have the most potential for an innocent man to get convicted, or a guilty man to go free.  That’s why it’s so important for the investigators to conduct a thorough investigation. 

And am I the only one who finds the bail amount interesting?  Considering the seriousness of the allegations and the heinous nature of the alleged crime, $25,000.00 seems abnormally low.  I wonder if the low bond amount was set because of perceived weaknesses in the case.  I know it’s early-on in the investigation, but hopefully the police will start talking and we can get some more information.

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