Carla Hughes Trial Update: GUILTY!!!

Mississippi Criminal Defense Attorney Curt Crowley

The jury has returned a guilty verdict.  The sentencing phase of the trial is set to begin Wednesday morning.

I saw this coming when the defense rested without Hughes testifying.  When the jury sent out the note this morning asking if she could have been called as a witness, I knew the verdict would be guilty.

I wonder if the defense has prepared a mitigation case to try to save Hughes’ life.  We’ll see tomorrow.


One response to “Carla Hughes Trial Update: GUILTY!!!

  1. Carla Hughes, a young woman with such a promising future – sleep will escape her tonight as she agonizingly waits to hear her fate on tomorrow morning. This whole case is sad on so many levels. Three lives lost – Ms. Banks, the unborn child and now Ms. Hughes.

    It’s funny how time has a way of fogging one’s memory. Carla and I are from the same hometown. Her parents were educators in the public school system I was educated in.

    Her mother would bring little Carla to our basketball and football games. She was a precious little girl. I speak like an old woman. But I’m only about 10 years older than Carla.

    My heart goes out to both families because they’ve both lost family members. And for what? The catalyst that sparked this tragedy, unparalleled by any I’ve seen in years, is a mere shell of a man. A philandering coward. Please let this be a lesson learned.

    We have control of our choices….not the consequences.

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