Carla Hughes Trial Update: Oh My God!–UPDATED

Shocking development in the Carla Hughes murder trial.  Ten minutes into jury deliberations, the jury sent a note to Judge William Chapman.  The note asked if the State could have called the Defendant to testify.  The jury instructions already told the jury not to consider whether or not Hughes testified.  Judge Chapman told the jury “No,” and that they were to review the instructions and keep deliberating.

This is huge!  The jury is obviously not following the instructions.  The defense should have asked for a mistrial.

This tells me that the jury was not convinced that Carla Hughes committed this murder, but is wondering why she didn’t get on the witness stand and say she didn’t do it.  As I posted yesterday, jurors want to hear the defendant say she did not commit the crime.  Not putting Carla Hughes on the witness stand was, in my opinion, asinine. 

Based upon this development, it is becoming clear that my analysis yesterday was correct.  The jury was obviously not convinced of her guilt.  She would have made a good witness.  There was absolutely no reason whatsoever for her not to testify.  Had she testified, I believe the jury would have returned a “Not Guilty” verdict in about 30 minutes.

If Carla Hughes is ultimately convicted, it will be because she did not take the stand.  More updates as things develop.

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3 responses to “Carla Hughes Trial Update: Oh My God!–UPDATED

  1. The juror who asked this question is as dumb as a bag of rocks.

  2. My thoughts, exactly! The jury was unable to intelligently follow directions … and unable to intelligently realize that there was a ton of REASONABLE DOUBT. They did not perform their job!

  3. I mean that I exactly agree with Crowley … not “SheisGuilty” who doesn’t know much, either. Maybe they were on the jury????

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