Carla Hughes Trial Update: Grown-ups Testify

After the testimony of Keyon Pittman a/k/a “Rover,” some grown-ups took the witness stand in the trial of former JPS teacher Carla Hughes.

Ridgeland Police Detective Frank Dillard was called by the State.  Dillard testified about his interview of Hughes after the murder.  The video of the interview was played for the jury.  Dillard testified that Hughes admitted her relationship with Pittman, but that she lied when she denied having access to a firearm.  On cross-examination, the defense got some favorable testimony from Detective Dillard–primarily that there was no evidence to place Hughes at the scene of the crime.

The State also called Bridget Matlock, who was a volunteer with the basketball team coached by Pittman.  The State called Matlock to establish that Pittman was at basketball practice and could not have killed Avis Banks.  And just when we thought we were finished with hearing about Rover’s sexcapades, Matlock testified that she was “talking to the coach” and trying to conceal this relationship from her son.  As defense attorney Johnnie Walls said in his opening statement: Pittman is “a bonafide, certified womanizer.”  And the hits just keep on coming.

Ballistics testimony is expected today.  I’ll keep you updated.

Mississippi Criminal Defense Attorney Curt Crowley


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