Carla Hughes Murder Trial Underway

After summoning 500 potential jurors, followed by a week of jury selection, a jury has been selected in the Capital Murder trial of former Jackson Public Schools teacher Carla Hughes.

Opening statements are scheduled to begin today in the Circuit Court of Madison County.

Hughes is charged with two (2) counts of Capital Murder for allegedly killing Avis Banks, and her unborn child.

At the time Banks was killed, Banks’ fiancee and Hughes were both teachers at Chastain Middle School in Jackson. Apparently, Banks’ fiancee also had an ongoing affair with Hughes. Speculation is that Banks was the victim of a “love triangle” (I hate that ridiculous term, but it’s the only way I can think to describe it, and still remain fit to print).

Hughes faces the death penalty if convicted of either, or both, counts of Capital Murder.

Hughes is represented by the venerable, and always affable, State Senator Johnnie Walls of Greenville. Deputy District Attorney John Emfinger is lead counsel for the State. I’ve handled numerous cases against John. He’s a pro, and smart as a whip.

This should be an interesting trial. I’m going to try to break away from the office and go up to Canton to watch the proceedings. I’ll report back on what happens.


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